TIM is applicable to a wide range of tunnelling techniques including TBM, SCL and hand- tunnelling, and we are currently developing a Segment Documentation System for use in segment manufacturing plants.

TIM is currently in use on (or has recently been used on) tunnel construction projects involving:

  • Earth Pressure Balance (EPB) TBMs
  • Slurry TBMs
  • Open face tunnelling shields
  • Sprayed Concrete Lining (SCL)
  • Squareworks or timberwork tunnels
  • Shaft sinking

It is equally applicable to other tunnelling techniques such as Pipejacking, and drill and blast tunnelling and can be adapted for other cyclic processes such as piling and diaphragm walling.

TIM is able to capture electronic data from various sources and combine this with manual data input at the face, providing secure real-time web visibility to the whole team, automatic distribution or reports, and alerts and alarms via email or text. Features include:

  • Shift reporting
  • Production and delay analysis
  • Quality analysis, early warnings and handover records
  • Geotechnical records such as face logging and probe drilling
  • Materials and consumables usage, reconciliation and early warnings
  • Resource reconciliation
  • Capture and analysis of data from other sources including:
    • TBM and alignment data
    • Segment manufacturing data
    • Conveyor, slurry treatment plant, batching plant and water treatment plant data
    • Shotcrete pump and spray robot data
  • Visitor Centre and project office information screen displays
  • Asset information for Operator and Maintainer

In this way, TIM forms a single source of project truth.