Data management designed by tunnelling specialists

Secure, real time access to project data at all times and from anywhere, and automatic distribution of targeted reports, analysis, alarms and alerts.

  • Allows controlled access for an unlimited number of users to the many streams of data created by tunnelling projects
  • Enables managers to make quick decisions based on accurate and up to date information
  • Directs focus onto areas that will make a real difference to production and quality performance
  • Encourages knowledge sharing and collaborative working
  • Each piece of data is entered or captured only once, eliminating duplication, and removing the need for paper records

TIM produces an overall asset record, capturing data from a variety of sources to create a fully linked searchable data set. It creates and automatically distributes a variety of reports, alerts and alarms, specifically targeted for health and safety, production, quality and cost improvement

TIM also offers:

  • Rapid setup with no additional hardware or software requirements
  • Real time data entry, requiring just an internet connection (hard wired or wireless)
  • Full functionality via Tablets (iOS/Android/Windows) and Smartphones, and easy upload of photos
  • Secure access from anywhere in the world for simultaneous multiple users
  • Permitted or restricted access to specific sections of data with read, write or edit permissions
  • Early warning notifications by email and SMS text message
  • The collation of project handover information, with electronic NCR reporting and sign off
  • A continuing asset management record for the Owner, Operator or Maintainer