Access to live data anytime, anwhere

Secure log on through the web browser on your PC, Mac, Tablet or Smart Phone.

TIM is entirely web based, allowing access for multiple users simultaneously, with data entry devolved to the most suitable person and location (such as the batching plant and material lab, as well as at the face). There is no need to purchase additional hardware or software. This keeps costs to a minimum and enables extremely rapid set-up for use.

At any time, the user can create reports covering production performance, delay analysis, KPIs, quality, consumables, resources and others, with the majority of reports targeted at performance improvement. Other reports provide summary information aimed for project handover, and provide snagging lists.

Each report can be viewed on screen, printed, and saved as a high resolution PDF. Data tables can be exported to Excel for further analysis if desired. Reports can be set to run every ring or cycle, shift, week, etc and to distribute to set address lists by email, providing valuable up to date information across the team. By including a document control email in the address list, a tamper-proof record is retained.